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We provide unique and stylish picnics for a variety of occasions. We will come and set up every picnic and tear down after, and provide food and drinks, and set the mood for your picnic so that everything is ready to go before you get there!

We currently offer two different ambiances that you can choose from: Boho Chic & Whimsical Antique


What's included in each picnic:

  • Unique Picnic Table

  • Pillow for Every Guest (Plus Extra!)

  • Stylish Rugs

  • Greenery and Flowers for Décor

  • Silverware, Dishware, and Glassware

  • Cloth Napkins

  • Chalkboard Signs

  • Centerpieces Built for Each Theme

  • Lace or Canvas Teepee

  • Balloon Garland

  • Old time Bluetooth Radio

  • Plated Charcuterie Board

  • Lemonade and Water

  • Drink cart 

  • Outdoor Games to Make Your Picnic Even More Fun!

  • 2-hour Picnic Rental

***For those wanting to book a picnic outside the Joplin area, we will charge a 60¢/mile traveling fee for those outside city limits. This will be discussed via email after booking and will be billed separately over Cash App!***

  • Picnic is best for 2 to 3 people - Whimsical Antique or Boho Chic

    155 US dollars
  • Picnic is best for 4 to 5 people - Whimsical Antique or Boho Chic

    248 US dollars
  • Picnic is best for 6 to 8 people - Whimsical Antique or Boho Chic

    360 US dollars
  • Picnic is best for 9 to 10 people - Whimsical Antique or Boho Chic

    412 US dollars
  • Picnics with more than 10 people will be $20 for each extra person

    $450+$20 per person
  • Book us to decorate your baby shower, proposal, or any other event!

We are more than willing to decorate for a wide variety of events, so just reach out to us and let us know what you are thinking of doing, and we will do our best to make it happen! We charge $30/hr. to decorate events, mileage, plus a little extra for if we need to purchase specific décor for your event. Reach out to us here and we can talk about what you are envisioning, then we will give you a quote!

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